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Enforcement Automation

You can now pay the the fines and settle your traffic violation tickets at BengaluruOne Centres. Click here for details Bengaluru City traffic Police (BCTP) has implemented Enforcement Automation Centre (EAC) since 2001.

Main centre

main centre has a central server which is connected through a hub to 8 nodes.The Main centre collects the Traffic violation report data from various Police stations and consolidates the same, and the consolidated data is distributed back to Police stations to facilitate"Any Where"Fine collection.
A new system of enforcement called Automated Enforcement has been introduced in Bengaluru City.

• This involves the constabulary noteing down the numbers of the offending vehicles and passing the information to the Automation Enforcement Center equipped with computers, software and vehicle database provided by the M.V Department. (KRDCL).
• Based on this, computerized challans are generated U/s 133 of M.V. Act, which are sent by post to the offender.


With the increase in population and the expansion of the city, the problem of connectivity of the populace has arisen. Quite obviously personalized modes of transport have grown at a tremendous rate and two wheelers along with the cars almost comprise 90% of the total registered vehicular population in the city.

Imbibing Technology in Enforcement of Traffic Laws using Personal Digital Assistant.

Traffic Police Wing has equipped its officers with handheld PDA devices connected to inbuilt printer. These devices are connected to a Central Server kept at State Data Center (SDC). Officers enforce traffic rules & regulations and fined the offenders. All these activities are done online resulting in real time monitoring and statistical analysis for the senior officer’s review. Online booking of violations using PDA also ensures tracking of habitual traffic offenders thus ensuring enhanced punishment for them. In addition, it also tracks down unpaid violation notices issued in past. The PDA is also capable of handling cashless transactions and if the traffic rule violator desires to pay fine using his debit/credit card it can be swiped.

Bengaluru police have been given 600+ PDA devices to traffic ASI and above
The Bengaluru city police (ASI and above) have been trained on how to use these PDA devices.

Enforcement Cameras:

High-resolution cameras placed at various junctions are meant to capture pictures of vehicles over speeding or jumping signals. These cameras are connected to central server kept at TMC using 4 Mbps leased lines. The central server also has the capability to interpret the number plates using alpha numeric character recognition software. This registration number is matched with transport department database for generating notices to violators.

Enforcement through Surveillance cameras

180 junctions across the city of Bengaluru are fitted with Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, capable of capturing live feeds and pass it on to the TMC where a 24-Terabyte storage solution is used to store the feed for a period of 15 days.

Payments against violation notices:

Traffic police has tied up with Bengaluru-One, a citizen-friendly initiative of e-Governance department, for enabling anywhere, anytime payment of the fines imposed Citizens can settle the violation tickets issued against their name as well as parking violation tags issued to them by visiting any Bengaluru-One center or any traffic police station.These places are connected using a dedicated network to the central application server kept at state data center (SDC). Citizens can also pay their traffic violation notices and parking violation tickets online through traffic police website from the comforts of their home.



Realising that it is not possible for have video surveillance for every junction or locations between the junctions, police has deployed nine-interceptor vehicles equipped with surveillance camera, laser speed gun and alcometer for recording the violation and prosecuting the offenders while on move.

Performance of Enforcement through Interceptor from Jan 2021 to Jan 2022:
Month Cases Fine Amount
Jan 4779 3789900
Feb 3475 3223930
Mar 4779 4057900
April 3887 2628300
May 0 0
Jun 787 663100
Jul 4885 3759700
Aug 5286 4286300
Sep 5586 4565100
Oct 4329 3830500
Nov 4299 3419300
Dec 6231 4967300
Jan-2022 3961 3729600