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Frequently Asked Questions
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What document am I expected to carry?

You are expected to carry original Driving license, RC book and Insurance certificate, all these documents should be carried in original or Smart card form. In addition transport vehicles like bus, taxi and auto rickshaws are expected to carry permit and fitness certificate. These documents should be produced for inspection if asked for by the police officer.

Can I avoid carrying all these documents?

Yes. As per rule 87 (5) of Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, there is a provision of getting MASTER PASS for two/three/four wheelers from RTO which is a proof that the driver has all valid documents i.e. certificate of registration, taxation card, insurance certificate and driving license. In case one is carrying Master Pass he need not carry above documents. For transport vehicles like buses and lorry etc SPEED PASS can be obtained from RTO which is a proof that one has valid registration certificate, taxation card, fitness certificate, insurance certificate and permit etc. In case one is carrying Speed Pass he need not carry above documents.

Who can receive payment of spot fine?

Only Asst. Sub-Inspector (one star), Police Sub-Inspector (two star) and Police Inspector (three star) are authorized to receive payments against violation and issue a receipt. No Police Constable or head constable can issue a receipt and therefore receive a payment. They can however record the violations on the basis of which violation ticket will follow. This ticket can be settled at any of the traffic police stations or Bengaluru-One center or on Bengaluru Traffic Police website. Incase a Constable or Head Constable threatens you with spot fine, insist on getting receipt and the chances are that he will let you go because he is not authorized to issue a receipt or receive money.

What is the spot fine for drunken driving?

There is no spot fine for drunken driving. In each of the drunken driving case, police notice is issued asking the person to appear before the court. Only court is empowered to impose the fine.

What happens if I don’t appear in the court?

If you fail to appear in court, warrant will be issued from the court. This may lead to arrest and stiffer penalty.

What is the punishment for drunken driving?

In the first instance there can be penalty up to Rs.3000/- which may extend to imprisonment in subsequent offence.

After being booked for drunken driving can I continue to drive myself?

No. you will have to arrange for an alternate driver who is not drunk or take a cab leaving the vehicle in the police station which will be released after you have settled the case in the court.

What about pollution check?

It is mandatory to carry emission certificate. However, police have been instructed not to stop any motorists for merely checking emission certificate.

Can police penalize vehicles with number plate of other State?

No. police is not authorized to penalize any one for out Station number plates. This is not the mandate for police.

Why have I received a violation ticket for the vehicle I have already sold?

Notices are generated by computers picking up address from transport department records. The very fact you have received a notice means that vehicle continues to be on your name in the records even though you might have sold it. Selling the vehicle without insisting on change of ownership is a very dangerous practice. Signing a delivery note is no guarantee of change of ownership. You have to insist on buyer registering the vehicle in his name, failing which you have to get it done yourself at RTO. Unless you do so, you will continue to receive violation notices. Still worse can happen if the vehicle is involved in a fatal accident or terrorist activity. You will have to suffer the consequences.

My vehicle got damaged in an accident. Police did not help me in getting compensation!

Insurance company and not the police can get you the damages. Police will only prosecute the accused for criminal negligence in the court of law.

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