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Enforcement Automation
You can now pay the the fines and settle your traffic violation tickets at BengaluruOne Centres.
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Bengaluru City traffic Police (BCTP) has implemented Enforcement Automation Centre (EAC) since 2001.

The EAC is located at all 42 Police Stations and at 5th Floor, Traffic Management Center:

Main Centre:

The main centre has a central server which is connected through a hub to 8 nodes.The Main centre collects the Traffic violation report data from various Police stations and consolidates the same, and the consolidated data is distributed back to Police stations to facilitate "Any Where" Fine collection.

A new system of enforcement called Automated Enforcement has been introduced in Bengaluru City.

• This involves the constabulary noteing down the numbers of the offending vehicles and passing the information to the Automation Enforcement Center equipped with computers, software and vehicle database provided by the M.V Department.

• Based on this, computerized challans are generated U/s 133 of M.V. Act, which are sent by post to the offender.

Enforcement through Blackberries

Bengaluru police have been given 612 Blackberrys and wireless printers to traffic sub-inspectors and inspectors

The Bengaluru city police (PSIs and above) have been trained on how to use these Blackberry.

• On the spot fine collection and receipt
• Cases booked are stored in the server and repeated offenders can be identified
• For those who can not pay spot fines notices are issued and the details are put up on the servers
• Registration database from transport department linked up to Automated Enforcement Centre
• Licence database is to be obtained

Enforcement Cameras

• 5 enforcement cameras are being used to book motorists who jump traffic signals and exceed speed limits.

Enforcement through Surveillance cameras

• 175 surveillance cameras keep a watch on motorists crossing stop line, breaking lane discipline and violating other traffic rules.

Moving Enforcement / Surveillance

• Since it is not possible to put enforcement/surveillance cameras at every junction, traffic police has acquired 13 interceptors for deployment by surprise. Very soon traffic police will add 6 more interceptors.

Interceptor is capable of recording all types of traffic violations including drunken driving.

Performance of Enforcement through Interceptor from January 2014 to December 2014
Month Cases Fine Amount (Rs.)
Total 134835 37211600


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