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Ajay Kumar



My hearty congratulations for Bangalore traffic police for there achievement. 

This would really teach auto drivers good lesson how to treat the customers, and my special thanks to everyone in the team for the achievement.




Jeevan jenny

Dear Traffic Department,


I as a common man take this opportunity to convey my appreciations to Bangalore traffic department who as taken action against rouges.


I also take this opportunity to inform you such kind of refusing hire, overcharging happens even in locality of Whitefield. request the department to take necessary action against who involved in such activities.


Regards and Appreciation

Jeevan Jennifer 

Harshin roopra

Respected Sir, 


I am writing this email and a token of extreme pride and happiness after the current raid on the Auto Drivers conducted in Bangalore City this week. I am a resident staying in Skylark Zenith Apartment in Hosur Road (Though I stay in India for only 6 months every year), I feel extremely relaxed and safe for this action of yours. 


In the past there have been a lot of situations with me, where I did not get any support at that time and was really disappointed on the Police of this city then. I am a North Indian but I never felt the difference until I was shifted to Bangalore and faced few unpleasing events not only with me but with my female friends and family members, before and had given hope after logging numerous amounts of complaints, that this country will ever change. This email is not to enlighten those situations neither am writing this email as a complain, I am sure you will have other major concerns to solve. But this email is to Thank You take some steps to solve some major issues to keep our country disciplined and organized. 


I have gained the belief for respect towards the Police of my country now and a sense of hope that you will help us feel proud to talk about you wherever we go. 


Thank you so much and All the very best!

Amit Srivastava

Dear sirs,


We really appreciate and thank you for the Auto Raid activity. But let this NOT be the only exercise, let's follow up with periodic raids like this and in other areas too. Only then, there would be fear and respect for people/norms, and people would feel safe and secured. 


I would also request you to keep a watch on other ill elements creating rukus, such as Water tanker drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and TT drivers. The manner in which they drive and react on the road really disturb the private vehicle drivers and again it's very unsafe to indulge in any kind of arguments//situations with these guys...especially with women.


Now, if I have to talk about the traffic rules; many drivers, including private vehicles, break the traffic rules freely, without fear of penalty/getting caught. I as a citizen, request you guys to put more strict measures to catch hold of these kind of people and have a better system of enforcing the rules. Most of the traffic jams are created by the vehicles going in no entry roads, unfollowing the lane discipline and parking on the narrow/single lane roads, which I experience on a daily basis while going to office. 


Afterall, thanks so much again, and I hope Bangalore will have better and safer roads to drive :)




Madhu Venugopal

The Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic)
Bangalore City,

Sub: Congratulations on #TheAutoRaid,

Dear Mr. Dayanand,

Many Congratulations!

We, at the Times Of India & Bangalore Mirror, convey our gratitude & appreciation for this fantastic initiative by you & your team. The drive has been very positively received by the citizens of Bangalore, both readers of Bangalore Mirror as well as passionate citizens on various social media platforms have given many accolades for your efforts.

We are always open to contributing to your team's efforts in making this much-needed campaign a bigger success.

Thanking You,

Best Wishes,

Madhu Venugopal,
Chief Manager (Brand),
Times Of India & Bangalore Mirror

Hema Lakshmi



I just read the news in news paper about your drive on Auto drivers. I would like to convey my thanks to your whole department.


I am staying in Mahadevapura (Outer ring road) since 2006 onwards. I didn't see a single auto driver who will come on meter in Mahadevapura, Kagdasapura (DRDO Phase 2 quarters), Krishna rajapuram railway station and Tinfactory busstop. Auto drivers will demand around Rs. 150 and more for 2 to 3 Kms.


Writing this to you, Hoping you will take action against all drivers in these areas as part of your recent drive


Thanks in Advance,


kishore m


Hi Team,



I have jz read ur post  reg "THE AUTO RAID"




AWESOME WORK BY UR TEAM SIR...plz try to continue these sort of raids..it would be helpful for people like us who come from other states  and my humble request team,plz take action whenver you get any calls or mails reg auto drivers..









Thanks for the initiative of Auto Raid taken against the rude and over charging auto drivers. I really appreciate that someone is actually putting effort to look into the issues of the common man. Below is a list of few more areas which needs more attention.


1. Ibbalur Bus stop. The auto drivers charge Minimum of Rs. 50/- Per user even though there are only 3 passengers.

2. Auto stand in front of Suncity/any apartments. Even for the elderly irrespective of whether they talk in kannada/any other language, they charge exorbitantly just for 1 -2 KM distance

3. The Auto drivers charge double the money if the request is to drop the elderly/female/male/children till the block number inside an apartment. Ex: They have a different rate while boarding the auto, just before entering the entrance of the apartment, they ask for additional money, the minimum being Rs/- 50 again.

4. Similar tough stories in front of any office on the stretch of Sarjapur Outer Ring Road to ITPL. It gets tougher once it gets dark to get a bus/auto/ even a cab.


Thanks for your co-operation.

Shashi Gowda

Dear sir,


Congratulations on the successful initiative on the initiative! It is good to know that auto drivers will think twice about offending from now on.


I am writing to see if the data from the raid could be made publicly available for research with due anonymity for the auto drivers. 3,360 is indeed a lot of bookings to make a number of inferences from the data! It would be nice to have the data to be worked on by volunteers during events like data.gov.in hackathon

 or the planning comission hackathon

. Many brilliant data scientists take part in them. The data could include: source and destination of the hire, language the police purported to speak, reason for booking, particulars like money demanded. The results might help find target attributes for subsequent raids and also can be used to see how much progress is made raid after raid.


Thank you

Madhu Veli

I read the article about how you guys are trying to reduce the atrocities of the auto drivers. I am jn the US now but I have had more than my fair share of pain when I try to catch an auto in cities like Bangalore or Chennai.
THANKS SO MUCH for doing what you are doing. We really appreciate your work and diligence in keeping the streets safe and better!!


Kavita Rajpal Dangi



I am not even sure whether this mail will reach in right hands as the website says the id is for regsitering complains, still I had to try.

Just wanted to applaud you for the AutoRaid effort carried out by traffic police in the bangalore city.

Such a small but the most effective way. Just don't have words to thank you for the wonderful step you have taken to make Bangalroe a better place.

Reading this news really made my day. While we see negativity everywhere these days, its so nice to find out that people like you are actually doing something to help common man.

God bless you all and may this city  turn into a polite city, it once was.


I just have one request. Can the traffic police at the signals be given this authority of giving chalans to people who don't follow traffic rules.

If there be accountability, everyone willl follow rules.

Currently they all know, nothing will  happen so its complete mess on roads.

I prefer walking than driving my vehincle if I have to go to some place nearby considering the headache you get when you are back home.


Once again, claps for this great initiative.





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