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Office of the Commissioner of Police,      


Traffic Improvement on Richmond Circle Flyover

Richmond and Residency Road are two of the busiest arterial roads of Bangalore City, parallel to M.G.Road. Due to on going metro-works on M.G.Road the traffic on these roads has further increased.

Moreover, the signal at the top of flyover has caused unnecessary holdup as well as adverse impact on the safety of the flyover. To rectify this anomaly, City Traffic Police has planned to change the traffic pattern starting 12th of December 2009 on experimental basis.

Since Richmond Road is one way from D’Souza Circle towards Richmond Circle and Residency Road is one way from Richmond Circle towards Cash Pharmacy – no changes are made on these roads. However, the cars and two wheelers (LMV) moving from Richmond Road on up ramp will be towards Double Road instead of Mission Road. Buses and other heavy vehicles however will not climb the up ramp at Richmond Road.

Similarly, traffic will flow from up ramp on Mission Road towards Residency Road. Hence, Mission Road down-ramp will become up-ramp. The ramp on Double Road will be two way up to merging point on the flyover.

Consequent to this modification following traffic advisories are issued;
  • Traffic from Richmond Road towards Lalbagh Main Gate and Basavanagudi etc:- Earlier traffic used to climb up the flyover  at Richmond Circle and descent at Mission Road to proceed to Lalbagh Main Gate through Poornima and Urvashi junction. These motorists are advised to climb up Richmond Flyover and descent at Double Road proceed to Lalbagh East Gate Circle, take right turn on Marigowda Road to reach Lalbagh Main Gate and proceed as usual. However, only LMV will climb the up ramp from Richmond Road side.  Buses and HMV will use left side of the ramp as before.
  • Cars and Scooters (LMVs) from Richmond Road proceeding towards Lalbagh East Gate and left turn towards Wilson Garden and Ashoka Pillar etc, should climb up ramp at Richmond Circle and descend at Double Road before proceeding to the destination. Hence, they will avoid two signals. No buses will climb the upramp. Buses will continue to use left side of the ramp at surface level.
  • Traffic proceeding to Mission Road should not climb the up ramp at Richmond Circle and instead take left turn and proceed to Shanthinagar signal light (Blood Bank Circle) and take right turn under the flyover towards Mission Road.
  • Traffic proceeding to Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road and Hudson Circle etc, should go straight using right side of the flyover and proceed as usual.
  • Traffic from Mission Road headed towards Residency Road should climb up ramp and descend at Residency Road.  They will avoid two signals and also “U” turn and extra kilometers through Raja Ram Mohan Roy Circle.
  • Traffic from Mission Road towards Double road will continue to take right turn under the fly over. Traffic from Mission Road towards Shanthinagar will continue to go under the flyover as before.
  • Traffic from Double Road towards Mission Road will take free left turn at the surface level as before.
  • The traffic from Double Road going towards Residency Road will climb up ramp and merge with the up-ramp traffic coming from Mission Road and descend at Residency Road. Hence, the ramp of Double Road will run two way up to a short distance till it merges the ramp at Mission Road.
             To facilitate the above arrangements following simplifications have been done;
  1. At N.R. Square, traffic coming from J.C. Road headed towards Residency Road can take right turn on Kalinga Road climb up-ramp and descent at Residency Road. This will redue their journey by two kms and avoids signals at Halasur Gate, Police Corner and Richmond Circle. This will decongest Mallya Hospital and Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road. This will also decongest JC Road.
  2. At Blood Bank Junction under the flyover, priority will be given to straight bus - traffic from K.H.Road towards Richmond Circle.
  3. At Blood Bank Junction, priority will be given for traffic from Richmond Circle turning right towards Mission Road. Signal timing will be reconfigured to take care of above changes.
          Motorists are requested to cooperate and bear with inconvenience till the new pattern settles
          done. Traffic Police will take all possible steps to facilitate smooth transition.          

Commissioner of Police

Bangalore City


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